Tennis Everyone at YCCS

YCCS students are enjoying a break from academics this summer at XS Tennis Village. Whether they are new to the game of tennis or honing their preexisting skills, teams from four of our campuses are preparing for their first singles and doubles tournament competition this coming August.

Men from CYDI and PLA practice with their coach

The campuses participating are YCCS-West, YCCS-YCLA, McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy (MLLA) and Community Youth Development Institute (CYDI). YCCS staff member, Cynthia Hern, shares our young athletes’ excitement, “They have put great effort into the sport and are ready to compete!The training program features two hours of individual and group instruction weekly for team members from each campus.

XS Village summer tennis instructor, Kukutla Motlojoa, (KK), a senior at Southern Virginia University and a nationally ranked NCAA doubles contender, enjoys helping students learn the fine points of the game.  “I am originally from Maseru, Lesotho, and tennis has always been a constant element in my academic and sports success.  I see these YCCS students benefiting from tennis by increasing their discipline and attention as well as their prowess in the sport,’’ he observed.

YCCS-West women and coaches at XS Tennis

Conveniently located in the Washington Park community, XS Tennis provides a central location for YCCS students to gather from multiple campuses.  XS is one of the largest indoor and outdoor tennis facilities in the country and provides an ideal setting for Chicago community members who would like to play the great game of tennis.

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