Printbiz Shines at YCCS

It’s the beginning of the new school year and we look forward to building on the successful start of Printbiz services at our CYDI campus. School uniforms, event T-shirts, restaurant menus, business cards and posters comprise some of the products that our CYDI campus students are creating in their new Printbiz business venture.

Almost  a year ago, in September 2016, YCCS and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) entered into an exciting new partnership to sponsor a start-up entrepreneurship initiative for students who had  an interest in small business ventures.  “The goal,” said CYDI Executive Director, Aaron Royster, “is to create a small, sustainable business in a currently economically disadvantaged area such as Auburn-Gresham or  Englewood that will provide employment and services for the residents of the community.”

Students researched and developed business plans which they submitted to UIC for approval. Selected proposals were funded by UIC with a budget for supplies and equipment that was matched by YCCS.   The CYDI campus venture, called Printbiz, a full-service printing business, was one of the first start-ups selected.

During the school year, participating senior students were able to learn multiple printing and collating skills, in tandem with business development skills, to get their venture up and running for the summer season.

CYDI 2017 Senior Graduates

After a busy summer printing and designing school uniforms for YCCS students, T-shirts for One Chicago, and other school spirit wear, a new team of students will explore their entrepreneurial interest as they carry on with Printbiz this new school year

Printbiz is now looking for new customers both inside and outside the Auburn-Gresham and Englewood neighborhoods. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get your printing needs done, while helping young people develop competitive skills for the future. Please contact if interested.